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2011-08-31 03:27:23 by insane12

I dont know how i feel about this song's out come. /442885

Sunrise threw the spaceship

2011-08-07 21:36:45 by insane12

Turns out watching a really good movie twice with a ending that gives you chills helps you beat the ugly writers block.... or press random keys block.

Please Rate and comment. /438362

Unfinished want to finish it?

2011-05-31 01:35:18 by insane12

Ive made this about 2 months ago and i never finished it. it was another attempt to make something epic and after the last bit i just couldn't add anything on with out it sounding like crap. If some one want to take a crack at finishing it go right ahead. Infact i encourage it. Just send me the results.

Please rate and comment... and say if wanna take a crack at finishing it.
I'll even send you the midi. /423900

My attempt to make a epic song with a hint of synth. Like always i post what i hear as the tittle. Two robots with magical wizard powers battles dueling it out. /420307

Walk in the future park.

2011-04-24 01:22:15 by insane12

New song in a long time.

Enjoy. /415862

Assasination at the dance club

2011-01-01 17:45:22 by insane12

useing the same string rthym as last song, I tried making a song that sounds like it takes place at a dance club were some one attempts to assassinate some one.

I kind of messed up in the beginning were the strings come in to place.

Please rate and comment. /387999

Lets try this again.

2010-12-31 01:31:22 by insane12

Come on song don't let me down this time! /387578

Light beam on the path

2010-12-30 22:36:53 by insane12

Like always please rate and comment. /387539

Planes of the universe

2010-12-28 00:13:46 by insane12

Its well looped.

First song ever using reason. Good bye sportive recording program. Going to be hard here on in to make my music to sound as it dose with out it.

Shine 13

2010-11-20 17:25:05 by insane12

Longest song yet. /377490